Guaranteed Delivery and How It Works!
When it comes to delivery, OST Containers will handle all the arrangements including discounted delivery of all Shipping Containers to anywhere in the Midwest. Our Shipping Containers will come with our personal guarantee meaning Wind and Water Tight upon arrival. OST Containers personally delivers all its containers to Southern Illinois and the St. Louis region. Call OST Containers Today and Save with your Multi-Purpose Storage Container!
Now offering Modified Shipping Containers in Designated Areas!
We offer Rental Program in Certain Areas!
When it comes to our Shipping Container Rentals, OST will provide a shipping container to be used for a variety of different purposes such as remodeling,seed or feed storage,extra storage, moving purposes, temporary storage,tool shed,seasonal and so much more. OST will provide in house delivery of the shipping container to your desired location. Our customers do not have to worry about having Off-Site storage, OST Container will provide the shipping container exactly where you want with easy access. OST Shipping Containers have no minimum on rentals as well as no maximum. Our Shipping Containers are available in 3 sizes.
Buy Shipping Containers With 1 Call!

Rock Bottom Prices - Modified Containers - Wind and Water Tight
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